The CoFounder’s Handbook


The CoFounder’s Handbook: Trilogy

In this book you will hear stories from all kinds of CoFounders; entrepreneurs who went after their dreams as a team, instead of alone.

From tech founders who built a company that has changed the way we interact as a people, to medical doctors who changed the face (literally) of the world as we know it. There are stories from band members (yes, they are a business) who had to deal with egos, fame and money without killing their golden goose, as well as restaurant owners whom together built an empire, all on a handshake; and many others from all types of  industries and walks of life.

From dynamic duos to partnerships made up of over 20 people, you will have the opportunity to glean from the mistakes, insights, musings, failures, wins and wisdom of some of the most successful and most unsuccessful partnerships in business.

Whatever stage you are at: idea, startup, or established; whatever condition your partnership may be in, be it flourishing or floundering, you will find takeaways that will help you have a stronger relationship with your CoFounder while simultaneously improving your business’ efficiency, culture and bottom line.


Book 1: The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Securing the Right Business Partner

A strong, CoFounder partnership is the foundation for a successful business and getting it right from the start, will make your entrepreneurial journey more effective, productive and enjoyable.

Book 1 of the Cofounder’s Handbook will help you:

  • Establish whether or not you need a business partner
  • Assess which skills and talents your potential partner needs to have
  • Discover where and how you can find your perfect match
  • Uncover little-known factors that can derail the best of partnerships
  • Evaluate your potential candidate’s skills and passion level 
  • Decide and define expectations for titles, investment, time, etc.
  • Determine how to divide equity, set salaries and navigate other complicated issues
  • Select which legal documents are essential for your situation

Basically, Book 1 of the Cofounder’s Handbook is everything you need to know and do before signing on the dotted line!


COMING SOON! Book 2: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Strong Business Partnership

Just because you found your CoFounder, doesn’t mean the hard work is done! Now its time to make sure your partnership builds on a strong foundation and survives the road ahead.

Book 2 of The CoFounder’s Handbook will help you:

  • Communicate: to keep information flowing and emotions at bay
  • Manage stress through good times and bad
  • Recognize the warning signs that you’re are heading down a destructive path
  • Understand and manage ego; it can destroy even the best of partnerships
  • Ensure that Trust is always at the centre of your partnership
  • Find outside influences that can assist you when you reach an impasse
  • Set up methods for reevaluation in order to ensure you  are always on the same page
  • Set boundaries and create a plan to keep your partnership positive and efficient

Basically, Book 2 of The CoFounder’s Handbook is everything you need to ensure that your partnership becomes the greatest asset in your company!


Coming Soon! Book 3: The Ultimate Guide to Mending a Broken Business Partnership

When good partnerships turn bad, the steps you take will either make or break you and your business. Learn what to do before, during and after a breakup to protect yourself and your company.

Book 3 of The CoFounder’s Handbook will help you:

  • Determine the seriousness of your situation
  • Prepare legally, financially, professionally and emotionally
  • Recognize the warning signs that your partnership is headed down a deadly path
  • Prioritize what is important and provide tips for keeping yourself sane and calm
  • Protect yourself and your company before you end the partnership
  • Look ahead at other common pitfalls such as Death, Divorce or Disability
  • Do damage control after the smoke has lifted
  • Determine whether you need to bring in a replacement partner

Basically, Book 3 of The CoFounder’s Handbook is everything you need to know to salvage, repair or end a faulty partnership!

Coming Soon!

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Sneak Peak

  • While the main goal is the company’s success, done properly, your Cofounder partnership can forge a friendship as valuable, if not more so, than your company’s valuation.

  • Partnering with someone who doesn’t contribute a substantial, up-front investment or who cannot assist financially while you work to get off the ground, could put you at jeopardy of holding the bag.

  • Many of the suggestions within the book can be looked at as mini insurance policies, each one protecting you as an individual or your business. You will need to go through them and decided whether the price of admission is worth it for your circumstance.